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"On a scale of 1 – 10 this is certainly a 10 both for our time together and especially for the results – it has never been so peaceful here and the cooperation is amazing! Even our hard-core non participants are actively working at being part of the team. I would not have believed it could happen. Thank you Sara."

Coaching and Skills Training for Teams, Participant, Multnomah County Government

"What I appreciated about your training was your focus, and your non-offensive methods of keeping us focused; the clarity with which you presented ideas, and your frequent repetition and keeping us up-to-speed, and the more organic/heart way you approach things."

Highly Skilled Facilitation, Victoria Clevenger, Clackamas County         

"I would enter the course thinking of other things and find myself actively participating and responding."

Facilitation and Meeting Skills, Participant, Wacker Siltronic Corp        

“Let's repeat the truisms of systems as many times as possible so people are aware of them. Thanks for the insight!”

Leading Profound Change, Participant, Multnomah County   

"Wonderful learning experience, one of the best trainings I've had. Covered an incredible amount of information, had a lot of time to practice, and yet we weren't overwhelmed."

Facilitation and Meeting Skills, Participant, Wacker Siltronic Corp        

"This was the best training I have received and participated in. Very appropriate to my work. Chock full of applicable tools. A great fit."

Facilitation and Meeting Skills, Participant, Wacker Siltronic Corp        

"Although my agenda's have become less detailed since your class, my meetings are 100% more effective. Thanks for being such a great mentor!"

Meeting Management, Terry Padgett, PSU MBA Program        

"Great combination of styles and skills. Nearly seamless one-week orchestration. Extremely professional and very impressive. It was an honor and privilege to take your course. Wonderful ENERGY!"

Meeting Management, Participant, PSU MBA Program        

"My absolutely favorite training I have ever been to. It was fun and pleasant and brought together my spiritual and whole life dealings to a real place of practice."

Making Meetings Work, Oregon Lottery        

"This is the best training I've had in 10 years."

Facilitation and Meeting Skills, Participant, Mentor Graphics     

"Thank you for your help and timely teaching during the Partners for Leadership Conference. I know the principals enjoyed your humor and your expertise. I heard several say they were revamping their meeting process as soon as they got back to school."

Partners For Leadership Conference, Tom Ruhl, Lewis and Clark college        

"Your booklets from the training have become my 'right hand.' They are often consulted to refresh my memories before going into certain kinds of meetings."

The Art of Facilitation and Negotiation Tina LeCoff, National Park Service         

"...we need these structures for our company to improve. Excellent. I just wish we had more days like this."

Process Management, Participant, Lingo Systems     

"[Sara] helped me immensely with thinking through and putting some logic around the facilitators and coaches."

Coaching, T&D, Kathy Cumming, City of Vancouver  

"You kept us on track in a very organized, gracious and flexible fashion."

Board Retreat, Executive Director, Pat Squire, PSU Alumni Board        

"[The] help you shared generated the confidence that helped lead to victory!"

Organization Development, Mac Epley, "Moniker" Project        

"The information was relevant to not only my professional life, but my personal life as well."

Team-Building Retreat, Participant, MC Aging and Disabilities Retreat         

"[I] heard new ideas expressed in ways that are practical in the workplace and also in personal life. [I] appreciated the connection made to wholeness and health in the whole person."

Team-Building Retreat, Participant, MC Aging and Disabilities Retreat         

"[I liked] the direction on how to address change and how to reduce barriers, and to look at change personally and adapt to the organization. An affirmation as a group that change is happening."

Team-Building Retreat, Participant, MC Aging and Disabilities Retreat         

"The message today has strengthened my resolve to initiate change in my own life. I appreciate the opportunity to get together with other staff in our network."

Team-Building Retreat, Participant, MC Aging and Disabilities Retreat         

"Very informative and all the information is useful and will enhance our teams and management."

Process Management, Participant, Oregon Lottery        

"Our leadership team is much more productive. We get along! We could put (it) to use right away! Excellent."

Management Team Development, Participant, Jubitz Corporation

"[I] find her and her associates to be among the most creative and professional wellness people in Portland. She is a committed educator with a flair for connecting with people no matter what their level of health or wellness."

Integrative Wellness Programs, Wendy Hausotter, Multnomah County EWP  

"Sara did a great job with establishing the conceptual framework for "wellness." I enjoyed the group process and the fact that she tailored her presentation to address needs/concerns of the staff."

Wellness Workshop, Participant, Public Guardian     

"The most important concept I learned was balance, how to get there and stay thereþ and how to view tension as creative tension. I truly appreciated the focus on balance and how to stay balanced in the midst of change. Nice combination of activity and information."

Change Management Boot Camp Participant, Multnomah County         

"Thanks for a fabulous fair! The sample classes were great. I learned a lot."

Creative Wellness Fair    HR Manager, CNF