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Project Planning & Management

Projects focus resources -- people, dollars, time -- to further the goals and processes of our organizations. Additionally, projects launch new directions and test new ideas. Tools and Methods associated with projects include Project Plans, Stakeholder Analyses, Constraint Identification, Communication Plans, Gantt Charts and Success Indicators.

Interview Questions for Project Managers, Team Leaders and Administrative Support:This is a useful tool for project leaders and new teams as they seek to clarify
the expectations of others and the purpose of their work. This tool is best used as an interview tool with project sponsors but it can also be used to interact with project stakeholders or “key players”. Use it during the DEFINE phase of your project and in the creation of your Charter or other foundation documents. Download this complimentary tool.

Team or Project Charter: A charter is a tool that sets Identity and Direction. Charters can be formatted a variety of ways. They can include a variety of elements of your choosing. This is one format that can guide the formation of your team and the definition of your project, governance, mission and goals. Download this complimentary tool