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Culture Design, Strength & Fit

The culture of an organization tracks the history of its human relationships, teamwork, symbols and problem-solving experience. Develop a culture that aligns everyone with your mission, vision and agenda. Create symbols, tell stories and recognize heroes that reinforce your stated values. Surface your own and others assumptions in order to discover invisible blocks to living your ideal culture.


COMMUNICATION, LISTENING AND FEEDBACK - Models and Tools: A few frameworks to support better communication and provide a reference for groups: Overview of two Models of the Communication Process, bullet lists for defining Effective Listening and Effective Feedback, chart of Common Barriers to Communication and What to Do About It , and three models of Language Frameworks for Communication. Download this complimentary tool.

Schein's Cultural Iceberg Model - Designing & Creating A Culture That Works: Visual representation and definitions for the three components in creating a culture that works: Basic Assumptions, Values, and Artificacts. Download

Schein's Cultural Iceberg Model - Specific example using CIA's DSS: Side by side model of the components of culture and how those components play out in the specific culture of the CIA’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). Good visual tool for understanding Basic Assumptions, Values, and Artificacts. Download