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Healthy systems Act from a state of Balance in the face of Change. How do individuals and organizations cultivate and maintain this state?

We understand the interplay of structure and function and thus the importance of purposeful design at all levels of work. We understand the reciprocal relationship between the health of the organization and the well being of its individuals. We know the power of focus and attention to hold a course , remake (revolutionize or transform) our circumstances and to create and sustain improvement. We know that genuine service to others and to a larger whole is the essence of integration and that it is both satisfying and inspiring by its nature. We appreciate that all tension, conflict and roadblocks have within them potential and power, and thus, that by releasing them, creativity, innovation, learning and potential automatically increase.

This page provides a graphical overview of our approach and a model you can use to organize your management improvement efforts, integrate and align with others and navigate change.

Our Approach