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Organization Design & Change

The need to change is signaled by a tension between where you are and where you want to be. Although changing has a reactive and adaptive component, there are proactive disciplines and practices. Sharing a vision and a language, establishing and maintaining relevance, engendering commitment, modeling desired behaviors for others to emulate and draw enthusiasm from, staying relaxed and focused, crossing boundaries and changing roles are a few of the strategies for change in our organizations and in our personal life.

A Navigational Map for Change Initiatives and Projects: This Organizational Development tool gleans its content from the book, The Dance of Change, by Peter Senge. It provides not only a cheat-sheet and reminder of the wisdom in the book but also a checklist of items to attend to in change initiatives and projects, large and small. This tool is also helpful as a framework in creating employee surveys on Employee Engagement and Management Practices. Download this complimentary tool.

Assess your Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs): Management KSAs for Organizational Change and Vitality. Use this evaluation form to provide a benchmark regarding your various KSA levels. Download this complimentary tool.