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Sample O.D. Projects

Sample OD Projects by Client or Organization Type, Focus and Role and Project Description

Healthy Systems specializes in the organizational design and change, culture and in human interactions and development, often referred to as organization development (OD). When an organization recognizes a problem or identifies a needed change, we provide the frameworks, tools and coaching to gain a shared understanding of the situation dynamics, to resolve the tensions surrounding it, design meetings, processes or projects as required to successfully navigate the change. We work on a project basis -- short or long-term. Our process generally involves one or more initial interviews to gain a focus, development of a project proposal, execution of the project plan (which may utilize a variety of methods), coaching and training along the way, and a post project evaluation that includes conversations and plan for next steps and stabilizing the improvement efforts.

The following projects are representative of the type of work we perform. If you don't see what you need, please contact us at info@healthysystems.net.

•  Public Health Department, Executive Team coaching, facilitation and project management, Multi-year relationship with executive team and Director for integration of multi-disciplinary services and professional development of team and their direct reports.

•  Board and Management, Transit Authority, Board retreat and follow up consulting , to plan and execute Board retreat and coaching with management.

•  Collaborative Research Agency, Project Manager, OD advisor and project manager on year-long project with Work Group to design and edit a protocols and standards manual for a young federal agency as well as training with representatives in collaboration and team skills.

•  Director and Assistant Directors, State Agency, Organization alignment Leadership development , 7 year coaching with executive team . Semi annual work plan development

•  Upper and Middle Managers in private banking organization, Team development and collaborative culture development , Customized training in team skills. Individual coaching. Integration of teamwork and collaboration with human resources and organization measurements.

•  Board of Directors for new non-profit, O.D. and Conflict resolution, year-long project management facilitation of 15 member group to create bylaws as well as to develop and sustain a cohesive team.

•  Training Director and Staff, state agency, New Training needed for their customers, Instructional design, train-the-trainer and coaching through product development and field-testing.

•  Project Managers, Multi-stakeholder, highly contentious projects related to national lands, Coaching in consensus, collaboration, facilitation, conflict resolution and healthy systems. Week long retreat format.

•  Administrative Staff, private corporation, Improved business communication skills and corporate communications system, Training and coaching in effective business communications, process design for corporate communications, and one-on-one counseling and coaching in meeting minutes, scribing and note taking.

•  Assistant City Manager and Training Director, city government. facilitation and coaching capacity for managers within the city government. Year long design and execution of training and coaching

•  Director and Division Heads, Federal transportation agency, Facilitation, Assessment, Training design, Stakeholder and staff interviews, assessment and creation of a training and development plan for improved culture, management development, communication skills and department redesign.

•  Support Services Team and Lead, Project design, skill building, facilitation and coaching , on teamwork, role clarification, supervisory relationship, and conflict and communication issues. Project included customized meetings, short trainings and homework and ritual/ceremonial events to recognize and solidify improvements.