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Sara S. Grigsby
Box 146, Corbett, Oregon 97019
T: (503) 695 5678 E: sara@healthysystems.net

Benfield Farm Page

Birthdate: 12/26/51
Masters in Business Administration, June 1992
1980 - 1981
1973 - 1975
Masters in Art Education, June 1981
Masters in Rehabilitation Counselor Education, April, 1975
Bachelors of Fine Arts, June 1973
1995 to present   HEALTHY SYSTEMS
Founder and President, Portland, OR
2004 to 2016   NW NATURAL
Organization and Employee Development Senior Consultant, Portland, OR 
Vice President, Cambridge, MA and Portland, OR
Founder and President, Portland, OR
1990 - 1992   PRODUCTIVITY, INC.
Project Manager, Cambridge, MA
1989 - 1990   RUDI FOODS, INC.
General Manager, Wholesale, Washington, DC
Assistant Manager, Retail, Boston, MA
Art Instructor, Knoxville, TN
Manager, Arts and Crafts Program, University Center, Knoxville, TN
1980 - 1982   DIALYSIS CLINIC, INC.
Medical Social Worker, Jackson, TN
Teacher-Counselor, Alternative School, Human Services, Jackson, TN
ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT (OD) and COACHING: on-going work with leadership teams, one-on-one coaching, leadership and management development, and staff retreats.
Management Consulting and Coaching. NW Natural and Healthy Systems, Health Care Coalition, Inc., Productivity, Inc. On-going executive development and team building among executive level leadership. One-on-one coaching with organization leaders. Advise on integration of various initiatives within organization for overall alignment. Coaching on planning processes and their link to implementation, governance and decision-making, and systems thinking tools and methods. Also includes process improvement initiatives and meeting facilitation
Executive and Board Retreats. NW Natural and Healthy Systems. Planning and facilitating Board of Directors Annual meetings, facilitation of management team retreats, traveling with leadership to training events with debriefing sessions in the evening and afterwards to link training to their workplaces, various short presentation pieces in longer retreats on a variety of OD and change topics.
Leadership and Team Development. NW Natural and Healthy Systems. Various study group, case study and brown bag formats for team formation, on-going relationship development and team cohesiveness, as part of a larger succession planning initiatives, and to enhance the relationship and provide modeling opportunities between upper and middle management and leadership.
Examiner, Oregon Quality Initiative. Volunteer community service to evaluate companies applying for the Oregon Quality Awards. Examined 1997 winner, Legacy Health Systems, Portland, OR; Interview Team for 8 Divisions of Multnomah County Government 1998-99 as internal examiner, consultant and trainer; Examiner, 1999, examined Mid Columbia Medical Center, The Dalles, OR.

INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN, TEACHING and TRAINING: systems thinking, facilitation and meeting management, projects, process improvement, strategic planning.

Instruction, NW Natural and Portland State University (PSU), School of Business Administration, Graduate and UG, titles include Facilitation and Meeting Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Design and Change, Creating and Sustaining Healthy Organizations; PSU, Professional Development Center, Project Management
Instructional Design and Materials Development, NW Natural, Healthy Systems, New Traditions in Health and HCC, customized client training and self-published reference manuals on a variety of topics related to organizational development, quality improvement, and individual well being. Titles include, Process Improvement & Redesign, Team Building & Facilitation, Patient-Centered Care, Successful Project Management; Business Communications, What’s Behind the Words, Orientation to Patient Centered Care, Change Management & Organizational Culture, SMART (Self-Management And Relaxation Training); Elective course development, e.g. Creating and Sustaining Healthy Organizations, Portland State University School of Business Administration. 
Event Planning. Healthy Systems, New Traditions in Health, The Dark Group, Inc. and Productivity, Inc. Conferences and seminars for professionals in health care management, productivity, and alternative health modalities. Wellness retreats for staff. Leadership retreats in facilitation, consensus and decision-making..
Formal and Customized Training, Business. NW Natural and Healthy Systems. Effective Meeting Management, Instructional Design, Project Management, Process Improvement, Organization Change and Strategic Planning.
Instruction, Wellness. The Movement Center; Lloyd Athletic Center, Nautilus Plus; Wild Oats, New Traditions in Health. Hatha yoga, meditation, SMART (Self-Management And Relaxation Training), Managing Change.
Public School Instruction, Beardsley Middle School. Recognized most outstanding teacher by co-workers

HEALTH AND SYSTEMS: focusing on integration and flow within communities, organizations, and individuals.

Columbia River National Scenic Area: Commissioner
Health Care Consulting: Quality, culture and operational improvement for Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, HMO Blue, Option Care, Sutter Lakeside Hospital, Central Washington Hospital, Saint Charles Medical Center, New England Health Care Association
Wellness Practice and Education Center owner-operator: Downtown Portland location for five years as dba New Traditions in Health. Served individuals and companies as a central location for weekday open practice classes in Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation and Nia, as well as seminars in a variety of wellness and alternative health modalities. Special programs in pre and post-natal health.
Corporate Wellness Program Development, Wellness Presentations and Wellness Fair Coordination: Lotus Development, The Movement Center, Lloyd Athletic Center, Nautilus Plus Athletic Center, Harvard Community Health Plan, Multnomah County Government, CNF, People Growers, Metro. Presentations on individual wellness, overview of yoga and introduction to holistic health modalities.
Systems Thinking Methods and Tools: Healthy Systems. Broadly speaking used as foundation of organization practice and designed into all training programs as basis for further curricula.
Creating and Sustaining Healthy Organizations: PSU. Course title of elective in School of Business program. Teaching system dynamics, systems thinking, and surveying in areas of change, learning, ethics, quality and sustainability. Uses individual holistic health modalities as model for understanding health in any system.
Community Development and Public Involvement: Consulting, facilitating and instructional design with the National Charrette Institute to improve the public involvement process and tools in community development projects
Event Planning and Instructional Design: New Traditions in Health. Focusing on seminars and conferences on health, healing and wellness for practitioners and the public.
Medical Social Worker: Community Dialysis Center, patient and family counseling, patient education, liaison with nursing and physician staff, reimbursement administration.
Co-Development of Continuous System-Wide Improvement Framework for Health Care organizations, principles and practices for the Healthy Organization
Yoga Instructor: Individual and group, The Movement Center, continuously since 1983
Editor in Chief: The Business Ethics Forum, Health Care and the Bottom Line, 1992

BUSINESS START-UP and OPERATIONS: Leading, Managing, Designing, Strategy and Implementation.

Organization Development Senior Consultant, NW Natural In-house coaching, Project Management and training with employees throughout this 1300 person utility organization. Project and on-going management process types include organization restructuring and rollout, IT installation, work redesign according to Union and Human Resource partnership, employee engagement and performance management, diversity, environmental policy, process improvements and redesigns.
President and Founder, Healthy Systems (current) Healthy Systems trains and coaches in the dynamics of complex systems and in strategies for creating and sustaining a healthy workplace. Areas of specialization include facilitation, meeting and project management, and strategic planning and change management. Sole proprietorship, contracted organizational development consulting services, customized curriculum development, project management, human resources development.
President and Founder, New Traditions in Health New Traditions in Health is a wellness education and practice center located in SW Portland, serving individuals and business; offering integrated wellness service plans, practices classes, wellness training and area news on integrative and preventive health. Planning and supervising the operation of a downtown wellness education center with two employees, and building collaborative relationships with numerous health professionals and organizations. The mission of New Traditions in Health is to facilitate an integrated, active understanding of health, healing and wellness.
Vice President & Co-Founder of Health Care Coalition, Inc. (HCC). Financial manager, instructional designer, trainer, and HR manager. Developed an organizational model, a team-based "Strategic Planning Body" made up of Key Process leaders, process charts, standards, measurements and milestones.
General Manager and COO, Rudi Foods Inc. Washington DC. Office. Market research, site location, design and construction supervision, all start-up tasks including licensing, hiring, and training; supervising start-up of wholesale production plant of 40 employees.
Facilitator & Project Manager for the Wellness Network in its 2-year Visioning and R&D process to reach its goal of deciding on their first Wellness Center-Program business. Strategic planning, team supervision and organization, Steering Committee education, readiness, model-building and pilot programs.
Project Manager, Productivity Inc., a consulting and publishing firm specializing in Continuous Quality Improvement materials and training. Projects included development of cross-functional product management teams company-wide; design and coordination of the first National Conference on Quick Changeover (setup reduction); feasibility research for diversification into the retail trade for Productivity Press; research for formation of a Continuous Improvement in Health Care division.