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Principles of Facilitation

Facilitation and Meeting Management
by Sara Grigsby
A Healthy-Systems How-To Guide


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A skilled facilitator can transform a meeting from a waste of time into a meaningful, productive learning experience that furthers organizational improvement. The difference is profound. This 25 page illustrated guide describes in detail 12 fundamental principles of facilitation. These are 12 experiential truths that guide a facilitator. Some are beliefs, some are models and some are strategic steps to take to keep he meeting on track and relevant. If you have experience with meetings and teamwork and are interested in moving from Meeting Management to Facilitation, you need to familiarize yourself with these principles and mental models. They provide facilitators with a reliable framework that goes beyond the agenda.

You are guaranteed to use these principles in every single meeting you attend or facilitate, formal or informal. Organization Development consultants, Project Managers, Team Leaders – all can improve their team performance and outcomes using these 12 Principles of Facilitation.

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