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Meetings that Work, Part Two
Principles of Facilitation

by Sara Grigsby
A Healthy-Systems How-To Guide


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Every meeting needs a set of Desired Outcomes or goals for the meeting. In addition, every meeting needs an Agenda that serves as a road map to reach the Desired Outcomes. Clearly stated goals and well planned agendas will vastly improve your meetings. If you need assistance in creating your Desired Outcomes and meeting Agenda, refer to our Guide on Meeting Process. The Principles you use to create the agenda and facilitate your meetings are also critical to the success of your meetings. This Guide covers those underling principles of facilitation and meeting management.

Principles are the fundamental rules, mental models, or truths that underlie and permeate the meeting Process. Principles aid us in carrying out every part of the meeting process. They also support us should any aspect of our intended process suddenly seem to fail us. No matter how carefully you plan, things will happen that you did not suspect or could not anticipate. In those moments, (for example, if the agenda falls apart) you still have these Principles as reliable resources stored in your heart and mind.

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