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Meetings that Work, Part One
Process and Tools

by Sara Grigsby
A Healthy-Systems How-To Guide


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Meetings That Work is a practical how-to guide full of step by step instructions, tools and practice exercises. Part One focuses on the process of running an effective meeting. Part Two describes the underlying principles of facilita- tion and meeting management. Part Three focuses on the core personal skills needed to facilitate. It is a meditation on what it takes to be present and focused in order to serve others and facilitate a needed shift or change. If practiced, it will prove invaluable to anyone working collaboratively on projects and change initiatives to meet company goals. Meetings That Work is useful for experienced facilitators or project managers as well as for those who have less experience and need a framework to work within.

By the end of Part One of this How-To Guide and with some practice you will understand the process of managing a meeting from start to finish and you will have a set of tools to use in a wide variety of meeting situations. Above all, you will feel more confident in your ability to manage a project successfully.

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